Gospel Eldership

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Gospel Eldership
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The biblical task of leading a church requires more than good management principles or sound theology. If the gospel truly is the power of God for salvation (Romans 1:16) and is constantly bearing fruit and growing within us (Colossians 1:6), then each elder must be strong in the gospel. That's the vision and the goal behind Gospel Eldership.

Gospel Eldership combines theological training with spiritual formation in order to shape future (and current) Christian church leaders at the heart level. It walks future leaders through the biblical concept of servant leadership and the primacy of character before looking at the specific duties of church elders. Gospel Eldership helps develop men who know their own heart idolatry and how the good news of the gospel applies to it and who have a sense of gospel fluency so that they can swiftly, effectively, and clearly apply the gospel to others. Gospel Eldership is designed to intentionally raise up the type of men who can and should lead God's church.

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Steve Corts

Steve Corts is a fourth generation pastor, born and raised in Winston-Salem. He graduated from Wake Forest University with a Masters in Divinity and completed a Ph.D. in Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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